What is a “Good” Blog?

Everyone has a different opinion as to what a “good” blog is. However, there are some indisputable factors that make a blog successful. First off, a successful blog is focused. Having too many topics or thoughts included in a blog can lead the reader to become overwhelmed and confused as to what the main point is. Secondly, it is important to be passionate about the topics you are including. Having passion for the topic will not only make it easier for you as an author, but will capture the audience’s interest at a deeper level. It is also important for a blogger to be open to suggestions, and for the audience’s comments to be accepted. No one wants to visit a blog where they feel their opinions on a topic don’t matter! A “good” blog must also be well written and grammatically correct. This is crucial because the audience may feel as though you are not a credible source for information if there are flaws in your blog. It is often necessary to revise an excerpt several times before it is ready to be posted! Photos and videos also contribute to making a blog worth while. Including pictures that connect with your topic will attract the attention of readers! A “good” blog is easily achievable by following these guidelines, but most importantly it is your blog, so make it personal and create it your way!

5 Tips for a successful blog

  1. Create a goal for your blog.
  2. Pick a topic.
  3. Stay organized.
  4. Be open to suggestions.
  5. Add photos and videos.

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