A Toxic Duo

In my professional writing class, we were assigned to write a “literacy autobiography”. We took a few classes to workshop everyone’s pieces. One of my classmates wrote something that stuck in my head all day.

Procrastination and Perfectionism: The Perfect Duo.

I adore writing, don’t get me wrong, but it sucks. Here is my problem: my perfectionism makes the process painful, yet the product all too satisfying.

I have never thought of the way my procrastination and perfectionism affect each other, but Mariah put it into perfect words. They are a toxic duo. I admit that I always wait until the last second to start an assignment. I will have two hours to complete it, and somehow still expect it to be my best work. My perfectionism leads me to over stress and over analyze, turning some of my best work to garbage. This is a horrible combination, to procrastinate and crave perfection. Reading Mariah’s essay made me realize that I want to change my habits. My best work comes after it has been edited several times, over several different days. I feel like when I read my work the next day it has a completely different meaning. I hope to change the ways that I write, even though I know it is going to be a challenge. I hope to get rid of this toxic duo..but can I?


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  1. Beth says:

    Ahh… welcome to the struggle of my life. I am exactly this way. I think it’s awesome that you had this moment of reflection and realization in relation to your classmate, though. I will say that it’s true: the best writing comes over time with multiple drafts and thorough revision, but then I will also say that the best writing doesn’t necessarily happen in a class setting. What I mean by that is that I think now is a great time to work on changing your habits, but try not to see this environment as a predictor of future contexts. Use the resources at hand to improve yourself however you see fit, but don’t be too attached to the immediate results… give it time. (Did any of that make sense? Or am I being totally obscure? huh.)


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