The Daily Post’s One Word Prompts

I was scrolling down my feed and stopped to see a page posted by The Daily Post titled a “one word prompt”, used to inspire bloggers to post and respond with whatever thoughts the word provoked. Today’s word was:


When I think of the word constant, I think of dedication. I think of my desire to be the best I can be each day. It reminds me that even if things go bad, I should be consistent with my push forward. I am constantly overthinking as well, and this made me think about what strategies I can use when I overthink things beyond my control. I will constantly remind myself that there is no point in wishing uncontrollable things away. I should focus on the future, and what I can do to ensure my life is constantly productive.

These prompts are fun and I am looking forward to responding to another one.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Beth says:

    I love one word prompts! And they are great tools for the commonplace and other blog spaces. I mean, you never know where that one word might take you. I also appreciate how words like constant can act as both adjective and noun (or in other cases, as a verb and noun, etc). So, in this case I also appreciate the significance of “constant” as a mainstay – a reliable presence, some thing to be depended on. I feel like that’s rather rare and valuable these days. haha 🙂


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