Cutting and pasting

A few days ago I was going through my google docs account and came across something disgusting. A love letter I wrote to my boyfriend when I was 15. As I read over this cringe worthy letter I laughed out loud. I don’t remember feeling this way towards anyone. To make this more understandable here is a couple of quotes:

Jase, I promise you I will love you forever. Even if we end up taking different paths, I make the promise to never stop loving you.

I love every little thing about you. I have never found someone so lovable. I could go on for days about everything you do that makes my heart smile.


I took this letter and did something that was oddly satisfying. I printed it out and cut it up. I separated each sentence into words and piled them on the table in front of me. My plan was to take this letter and turn it into something totally different. My end result was actually pretty cool.




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