Dragging graphite along
the page of my notebook
I create swirls.
I know
that these spirals
should instead be equations
but it’s hard to stay focused
when my professor’s lecture
soothes me like the noise
of a vacuum
or a long car ride.
The voice of a robot
replaces the hum
that makes me sleepy.
Take cover
lock your doors
and stay away
from windows
the man with more knowledge than me-
or a higher degree I mean-
starts to push desks to the door
help me
he says
and we push
and pile
turning desks to a barricade
I wasn’t baptized
and start to wonder
if that will make a difference
if he gets in
when he gets in
we fall to the floor and build
a mountain of those who
just wanted an education
a chance
a stupid piece of paper
a pointless cap and gown
I clench the hand of a stranger
I know
her knuckles
may be
the last thing I feel,
I rub them between my fingers.




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